MindView Press supports authors and their publishing goals.  There are three publishing paths for authors.

  1. Traditional publishing:   MindView and Author receive royalties.  Author’s royalties range from 15-25% after costs.  MindView bears the cost of publication, promotion, and distribution.  There is no or little cost to the author. MindView will select the books eligible for this type of publishing.
  2. Hybrid publishing:  MindView and Author receive royalties. MindView and author share the costs of publication, promotion, and distribution.  Author’s royalties range from 25-50% depending upon cost sharing.  There is some cost to the author.
  3. Assisted self-publishing:  MindView offers a menu of publication, promotion, and distribution services to the author.  The author bears nearly the full cost of publication, promotion, and distribution.  The author receives a majority of the royalties.  MindView receives 5-10% of royalties after costs.

If you would like MindView Press to publish your book, please send your manuscript to Indicate in your correspondence which publishing path you are interested in taking (traditional, hybrid, assisted-self).